Five Reasons Associations Should Allow Ads in Their Media

By Nick Manis • April 16, 2013

Nick Manis headshotBy Nick Manis

If your association doesn’t allow advertising in its media, you’re missing out on a valuable exchange of revenue and ideas. Selling products is only one purpose of advertising. Here are our Top 5 reasons why associations should allow ads in their media:

  1. More revenue. Adding advertisements is a great way to establish or supplement streams of monetary support for your association and its endeavors without using paid member dues. Ads help fund shows, legislative advocacy efforts, charitable activities and other goals your association wants to accomplish.
  1. Serve as a trusted vendor resource. Your media is more than a good read or an update for members; it’s a trusted referral resource. Your association is a driving force representing a majority (or all) of the industry, and you would only partner with reliable companies whose offerings can benefit your members. By including advertisements in your publications, readers will know they can find quality products and services each time they open your media.
  1. Provide a forum for members and suppliers. Information doesn’t spread itself. Let your members and industry partners tell more about themselves by allowing exposure in your media. Sellers now have a forum to display their offerings and solicit feedback from buyers that will improve their products and the industry overall. Buyers now have a way to inform sellers what’s important to them and what needs they want fulfilled.
  1. Keep members in the know. Simply stated, advertising is paid by one person to sell a product or service. But the purpose of an ad doesn’t end at hawking a product or service. Think of ads as an extension of the association in the fight to stay ahead of the curve. They inform viewers that new technology is available, that an issue affecting industry operations needs attention or that an event members should attend is coming up. Ads are one more tool that can give your association a competitive communications edge.
  1. As the industry grows, the association grows. Placing ads in your media opens the door for businesses to showcase themselves on a targeted platform rather than other, more generic media outlets. Readers of your media can easily patronize and talk with these businesses, boosting their revenue and giving businesses the chance to support your association further. Growth doesn’t have to be monetary either. As stated above, ads facilitate idea exchanges that breed better ideas and knowledge.

Allowing advertising in your association’s media is a win-win for advertisers, members and associations. Ads provide a forum for ideas and ease the flow of feedback. They alert members to important issues. And they earn more money for your association to use however it desires. If you’re not allowing advertising, what are you waiting for?

Nick Manis is a sales representative for Naylor, LLC, and helps associations in a variety of industries earn more non-dues revenue for their membership education, charitable and industry advocacy programs. Email Nick at [email protected].