Infographic: Make Your Exhibitor Marketing Campaign a Success

By Daniella Norris • December 13, 2019

Your co-worker brings a slice of pizza to work, then proceeds to eat the crust — leaving the rest of the pizza untouched — and then tosses it into the trash bin! You’re shocked and appalled…after all, why would someone neglect a good majority of the pizza?

This is how your association should perceive exhibitor marketing. It’s an important yet continually overlooked facet of marketing association events. Yes, the crust is good (and your co-worker seems to agree), but you shouldn’t stop after the attendee portion of your event. You haven’t finished the pizza slice yet: Your association needs to ensure that there is ample time to plan the exhibitor outreach, execute that plan, and make adjustments as necessary in the lead-up to your event. Well-planned exhibitor marketing helps your association achieve your exhibitor-related revenue and attendance goals.

After finding the right blend of strategy, communication is still important. Are your exhibitors happy? Can your association do more to provide an environment that helps them meet new customers while strengthening existing client relationships?

Place emphasis on your association’s relevance in the eyes of your industry. Get a head start on planning. Ensure you maintain a positive dialogue with your associate or supporter members. Eat the whole pizza slice! Check out our guide to exhibitor marketing below.

Download the full-size infographic here.

Infographic by Adam Turner.

Make Your Exhibitor Marketing Campaign a Success infographic