Eight Actions You Can Take to Implement Emotion into Content

By Caroline Dumas • January 12, 2016

Caroline Dumas
Caroline Dumas, Naylor Association Solutions

It’s the start of the New Year and you’re in the ‘new year, new you,’ mind frame with a year of ambitious new eating habits and daily visits to the gym ahead. We focus on a new you at this time of year, but what about focusing on new content? According to AdWeek, your readers are engaged with your content based on eight levels of emotion. Transform your content and connect with your readers on a new level by implementing these eight content tips:





Be in the know for your members; inspire and humor them. RealLilTweetables

Make it easy for members to find the information they need ASAP. RealLilTweetables

Use relevant hashtags and categorize posts consistently and logically. RealLilTweetables

No one wants to be part of an organization that keeps members in the dark. RealLilTweetables

Inspire your association membership1. Inspire Members
Nothing encourages your audience to share content like an inspirational post. Post content that engages your members or motivates them to share the post with family or friends. Posting inspirational content will not only increase readership and circulation, but could translate into meaningful action by inspiring your audience to get involved.

2. Be in the Know for Your Members
Industry trends change constantly, and sometimes keeping up with the latest trends in your profession is difficult and falls low on the priority list. Be in the know for your members. Post a monthly infographic about upcoming trends in your industry, highlight the important information and incorporate tips your members need to know for the upcoming season.

3. Make Content Easy to Find
Sometimes, you want to visit a website or blog to find a single piece of “must have” information and continue on with your busy day. Make sure you make posts easy to find by using relevant hashtags and categorizing posts properly. Your association may already be doing this, but there’s always room for improvement.

The Florida Society of Association Executives goes beyond making content easy to find by providing quick links section on their front page for visitors to quickly access popular information, including a quick link to membership renewal.

Florida Society of Association Executives Website

4. Make Members Comfortable
Ensure that you’re making your association members feel comfortable by giving them frequent association updates. No one wants to be part of an association that keeps members in the dark.

5. Connect on a Deeper Level
With today’s technology, connecting with your members has never been easier. Connect with your members on a new level with the new year. For example, YouTubers and bloggers frequently host giveaways to connect with their community in a personal way. It’s a simple task that makes the largest impact. Try posting member highlights monthly, or post bios of association employees, allowing members to connect with the association on a deeper level.

Check out the Texas Society of Association Executives for an example. You’ll find a section of their website dedicated to staff bios. You’ll even find a member spotlight on their front page to recognize their hardworking members. It’s the perfect way to connect with members on a deeper level.

Texas Society of Association Executives Staff Bios on Website

Dancing man
An example of an animated GIF from Giphy.com.

6. Amuse Your Audience
Rather than posting content to inform your members, post content that brightens your members’ day. Post lighthearted content that makes your members chuckle, or inspires them to share humorous content with others. A funny association-related GIF is a good option. Use Giphy, a free, user-friendly GIF creator website, and let your creativity run wild.

7. Entertain
Reading informative content is nice, but your members may not always have time to read a two-page article, or maybe they don’t feel like reading at all. Mix up the content you’re posting. Incorporate GIFs, polls, quizzes, and infographics into your content schedule. Keep the content the same, but change up the delivery method.

8. Update Socially
Make your association’s content an all-inclusive social media platform that incorporates general association news, association specific news, and tidbits of national news on a weekly basis that updates your readers. If you aren’t implementing this already, including a live feed of your social media platforms on your website will allow your members to get updated in one stop.


With a new year comes new ambitions and a newfound dedication for accomplishment. Channel your rejuvenated ambition into the content you plan to bring your viewers, and transform the way your readers connect.

Caroline Dumas is a senior at Georgia College and State University studying marketing. She is completing an internship with Naylor’s marketing department.