Embrace These Recruiting Strategies to Attract the Right Job Candidates

By Scott Conley • June 8, 2020

With unemployment at its highest level in nearly a century, there are now millions of people flooding the job market across every industry and every state. Those out of work are focused on getting back into the job market as quickly as possible, especially now that some businesses are starting to reopen to the public. Others face furloughs and the uncertainty of possible layoffs in the future, meaning passive job seekers may be open to new opportunities that offer more security and room for growth.

The recruitment process, including interviewing for jobs, is changing quickly. It is absolutely still possible – dare we say, easier than ever – for organizations to hire the best possible candidates, while also respecting current health and safety guidelines. However, it is going to require organizations to evolve their current recruitment strategies to get in front of talent in new ways. Associations can play an important role in helping to connect quality job candidates with organizations in need. Here’s a closer look at three ways organizations can lean on their industry association relationships and member benefits to enhance their recruitment efforts.

  1. Focus on technology. Embrace those technologies – some that have been around for a while, and some that are new – that help you focus your recruitment efforts on the candidates you want to target most. For example, association-run career centers and job boards are an ideal place to post your open positions and connect with qualified potential employees. Virtual career fair and networking events allow you to meet with promising candidates and build a pipeline for future opportunities. There’s also programmatic and retargeting advertising, which gets your hiring message in front of a targeted audience. Finally, Artificial intelligence, chatbots and text messaging are on the forefront of technology being used in new ways to recruit potential employees.
  2. Look past education and experience. While those two elements of a professional’s background are important, the right candidate for your organization is one who is also passionate about moving your industry forward. Candidates who are members of their industry associations, volunteer on committees, attend events and hold certifications stand out – and for good reason. Engagement with a professional association shows a willingness to go above and beyond, dedication to continued improvement of their own skills and a drive to play a larger part in the success of your industry as a whole.
  3. Build your brand through content marketing. Your organization’s reputation has a major impact on your ability to successfully recruit the best new hires. When your mission, core values and culture are well known and highly valued, you’ll attract stronger candidates and loyal employees will be more likely to stay longer and sing your praises. The first step in building your brand as an employer is to make sure your audience knows who you are. Create a content marketing strategy that focuses on your organization’s goals and how you plan to better improve your industry and your employees, and get that message out through advertising, sponsorship and partnerships with your association.

Recruiting and hiring the right employee for your open job postings can be a demanding task, so set yourself up for success and increase the likelihood you’ll find the person who can truly become a valued member of your team by shifting your strategy and relying on the strength of your association.

About The Author

Scott Conley is the director of revenue solutions and services at Naylor Association Solutions.