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Poll: Continuing Education a Top Member Priority for Most Associations

By Association Adviser staff • February 8, 2016

Even if your members are not required to obtain ongoing certification of continuing education credits, make sure you’re doing all that you can to help them advance their careers. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of early respondents to Association Adviser’s unscientific reader poll indicated that their members are taking advantage of most professional development opportunities they offer and another 18 percent are seeing at least some adoption of their organization’s professional development offerings.

Is professional education or development among your association's top 3 benefits?

What are your members’ favorite ways to take in continuing education? Share your answer in our current poll.

The findings above square with another a recent reader poll we conducted that found online training and certification to be among the leading breakthroughs for one-third (32 percent) of associations in 2015.

In terms of technology or innovation, what was your association's biggest breakthrough in 2015?

As Betsy Monseu, CEO of the American Coal Council explains in an upcoming interview, ACC members are rapidly adopting its monthly webcasts and the virtual Tomorrow’s Leadership Council community.  “I wish I had things like that in their early stages of my own career,” mused Monseu.