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Checklist: How to Plan a Successful Webinar

By Association Adviser staff • May 4, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting office closures and transition to remote working for most associations has led to an increased need for virtual content as a way to stay connected. Your staff and members have moved online, and the usual sounds of the office and in-person events have been replaced by the sounds that home life bring. Currently, you are communicating with and providing education to members in the best ways possible in the moment: social media, email, online learning, phone and video calls, and more. Of these tools, webinars are one of the most valuable – perhaps you are already reaping their benefits!

Regardless, setting up a successful webinar can be a daunting task in the face of this increased reliance on virtual communication. Formulating a checklist may help to make the task more approachable. Preparation, execution, and post-webinar follow-ups are all equally important. Fortunately, once you are able to adequately prepare for a webinar, the rest comes easily.

For more information on how to your next webinar is as successful as possible, check out this Hosting a Successful Association Webinar Checklist. Click here to download a high-resolution, printable PDF version.