Boosting Your Career Center’s Online Presence: Strategies for Driving Sales and Member Engagement

By David Butler • May 29, 2024

A successful online career center is essential for any association looking to drive revenue and provide value to its members. By optimizing the digital experience, associations can attract more job seekers, engage employers, and ultimately generate more sales. Drawing from the insights in the “Blueprint for a Profitable Career Center” and other industry best practices, here are key strategies associations can implement to improve their career center’s online presence and boost sales. 

Prioritize User Experience

A career center’s user experience is paramount to its success. As the report notes, it’s crucial to “craft your own user experience” that caters to the needs of both job seekers and employers. This includes features like intuitive job search functionality, real-time updates, resume storage, and employer tools for managing candidates. Providing a seamless, mobile-friendly experience. is also critical, as over half of all organic search traffic now comes from mobile devices. 

Leverage Social Media and SEO 

Extending your career center’s reach through social media and search engine optimization (SEO) can significantly drive traffic and engagement. Integrating with platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share job postings helps expose opportunities to a wider audience. Optimizing your career center’s pages for search engines, such as using proper headers, meta tags, and keyword-rich content, ensures your association’s site – not the provider’s – gets credit for the traffic. 

Integrate Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic advertising can be a powerful tool for driving traffic and engagement to your career center. By collecting data about your site’s users and leveraging specialized technology, you can facilitate the retargeting of job ads through a dedicated ad network. This allows you to host more relevant advertising on your career center and provide greater value to your advertisers by providing additional longevity and visibility for their job posts. 

Focus on Quality Over Quantity 

While having a large volume of job postings may seem appealing, the report cautions against the practice of “backfilling” jobs from other sources. Instead, it recommends prioritizing quality over quantity by building direct relationships with employers and curating relevant, high-value opportunities for job seekers. This not only provides more value to members but also strengthens the association’s position as the go-to resource for talent in the industry. 

Listen to what the Analytics Are Telling You 

Tracking and analyzing key performance metrics is crucial for understanding the health and effectiveness of your career center. The report suggests looking at metrics like web analytics, revenue, mobile usage, job seeker registrations, and employer engagement. Leveraging this data can help associations make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate the value of the career center to stakeholders. 

Explore Partnerships and Integrations 

Expanding your career center’s reach through strategic partnerships and integrations can unlock new revenue streams and enhance the user experience. The report highlights the benefits of joining industry-specific job boards and networks, as well as integrating with third-party tools like resume services, job aggregators, and advertising platforms. 

By implementing these strategies, associations can elevate their career center’s online presence, deliver a superior experience for members, and drive increased sales and revenue. The “Blueprint for a Profitable Career Center provides a comprehensive roadmap for associations looking to maximize the impact and profitability of their digital career solutions. 

About The Author

David Butler is a director, partnership development with Naylor Association Solutions. Reach him at [email protected].