Best of the Web

Best of the Web November 2012

By Association Adviser staff • November 26, 2012

Best of the Web

@B2Community My 8 Favorite “Ninja” Productivity Tools and Strategies

@HarvardBiz Even some of today’s most proficient business processes will be obsolete by the end of the decade

@Informz QR Codes Save Lives #iheartemailmarketing #mobile

@naylorllc: Have you been to a Hosted Buyer Program? Check out this new way to network:
Hurricane Sandy reminded us all that a natural disaster can happen no matter where you live or what time of year it is. Prepare your home and business for the next disaster with these plans and resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Mall Science: What Your Conference Can Learn From the Mall
Jeff Hurt
Midcourse Corrections
Americans love malls because they are set up as warm, exciting places to gather and socialize. Shouldn’t conferences/trade show floors be set up the same way? Tips from the mall to make your conference sessions more attractive to participants.

Two New Membership Models that are Thriving and One Membership Model that is Struggling
Tony Russell
Membership Marketing Blog
As they look to the future, many membership groups are looking for ways to either increase revenue of cut costs. To achieve this, they are introducing new membership models. This overview looks at three models some associations are using.

Social Media and Disaster: Hospitals On Facebook
KiKi L’Italien
Acronym Soup
When phone lines are down but you still need to reach family, friends or members, social media can be the way to get answers and coordinate help.

Advice from the Front Line: Social Technology, Engagement and Events
Aaron Wolowiec
Event Garde blog
Looking to increase the social technology component and online engagement of your next event? Find advice for incorporating social technology into online learning programs, live online events and face-to-face events.

A Few Deep Questions for Membership Pros
Joe Rominiecki
Associations Now
Is your job more art or science? Which is harder to find: a database system that meets your needs or colleagues who are willing to learn how to use it? Ponder these and other membership questions you may not have considered before.

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