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Best of the Web: February 2013

By Association Adviser staff • February 15, 2013

@bluehornetemail: With every email, you’re earning the right to make the customer feel good about opting in to your emails. #eec13

@B2Community : Mobile SEO in 2013: 5 Things You Need to Know

@AssociationsNow : Why Facebook users are disengaging, and why you should watch the slow fade: #assnchat

9 Marketing Strategies You Must Stop Using—Now
Kent Lewis
iMedia Connection
Are you still optimizing your website by keyword embedding? Are you creating content for content’s sake? Kent Lewis from iMedia Connection says you must stop using those (and seven other) ineffective marketing strategies, and focus your energy on what really works.

Future of Meetings: Knowing How Attendees Are Feeling, Even If They Don’t Tell You
Alison Hall
What if you could use your phone, an app or even a biological implant to read attendees’ thoughts about an event? This technology may not be far off.

Why You Should Work From a Coffee Shop, Even When You Have an Office 
Wesley Verhoeve
Fast Company
The experience of working out of coffee shops was so positive for this author that even after his company moved into a new home, he made sure to get in a few “coffee shop days” each month. Here are some reasons why it might be great for you to try it for one or two days every month.

Did Pompeii Create the First Social Network?

Curt Hopkins
One of the most difficult decisions in talking about the history of any aspect of computing, or even of technology as a whole, is to decide when it started. When, for instance, did social networking begin? With Facebook in 2004? MySpace in 2003? With CompuServe in 1969? How about Pompeii, 79?

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