Best of the Web: August 2013

By Association Adviser staff • August 27, 2013

@ChatterBachs: How Necessary is “Industry-Specific” Knowledge for Association Executives http://ogcsae.blogspot.com/2013/08/how-necessary-is-industry-specific.html?spref=tw h/t @rockettm @ogcsae #assnchat #asae

@maggielmcg: Really great white paper about the mission-driven volunteer by @ewengel and @peggyhoffman http://bit.ly/13yUCJ6 #assnchat

Social Media Roundup: Give That Copy a Trim
Ernie Smith
Associations Now
The art of writing short shouldn’t be ignored on the web. Also: Why you should save your personal anecdotes for another time.

Mobile Takes an Increasing Share of Email Opens
More than half of emails are still opened on a desktop, but as of May, almost one-third are opened on a mobile phone or tablet. If your emails aren’t mobile-friendly already, they should be.

Print? Yes. It’s Still a Vital Component in an E-Centric World
Kurt Konow
Connect With Ricoh blog
Print is still a vital component in an e-centric world, parts one and two.

7 Qualities of a Truly Loyal Employee
Dharmesh Shah
Loyalty isn’t about length of tenure but about how engaged and committed someone is to an idea, company or, in your case, an association. Substitute the word “members” for “employees,” and we think Dharmesh Shah is spot on.

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