Did You Know?

Did You Know? Associations Are Updating Current Membership Models

By Association Adviser staff • July 31, 2017

Associations are embracing the opportunity to update their membership models as a way to meet the varying needs of today’s members, offer flexibility and retain their value.

Half of the respondents to last month’s Did You Know? poll reported that their association updated its membership model in the last five years (50%). While another one-third (33%) said that they are discussing changes, but they haven’t implemented anything yet – which means more change to association membership could be on the horizon.

For many associations, the traditional membership model, with its one-size-fits-all approach, is no longer a viable strategy. With members varying greatly by age and generation, the stage in their careers, and the level with which they want to engage with the association, it is becoming more important than ever for association to offer a member model that can be customized based on need and want.

Has your association updated its members in recent years? If so, tell us about your association’s experience in the comments.