#ASAE18 Deep Dive: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

By Association Adviser staff • August 22, 2018

“No money, no mission,” that was the simple yet effective message from Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, of Avenue M Group and author of “The Pivot Point.” She challenged those in the audience to take a fresh look at their pricing structures for membership, content and events to make sure revenue opportunities aren’t falling to the wayside.

It’s not all about price though, Jacobs said. Today, ease of use is what your members will find value in – value they’re willing to pay for – and what’s going to keep them coming back to your association.

Here are three characteristics that Jacobs laid out as essential to making sure an association isn’t leaving money on the table:

  1. Accessibility. Don’t hide your content; instead, make it easy to find and easy to use. Expand your reach so you can connect with people outside your membership in new ways that delivers what they need, where and when they need it.
  2. Flexibility. Give as many options as possible in the ways you allow people to interact, join, pay, register and access your membership and events.
  3. Affordability. With tighter personal budgets and many people paying for association membership and professional development out of pocket, price is a key driver for most people. Create options for people on all budgets, and you’ll expand your reach to a new audience.