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Why You Should Participate in the 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey

By • May 11, 2017

Brianna Martin
Brianna Martin, Naylor Association Solutions

We can all agree that associations who know how to successfully execute thoughtful and integrated communications strategies tend to see better member engagement and retention. Member engagement is an ongoing objective for most associations, but one that is difficult to achieve and sustain.

If you had access to a report that could show you how your current communications strategies stack up against your association peers, as well as other information to help you improve your communications plans, would you want to see it?

I’ll assume your answer is yes. After all, it’s easy to understand how valuable knowledge about member communication preferences, the best times to send member communications, and communication budgets could be.

The 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Report provides this type of data. Based on the survey participation of association professionals like you, this comprehensive study will highlight overall communications best practices within the association marketplace while revealing areas where associations can make improvements.

Why you should take the 2017 Asosciation Communications Benchmarking Survey

A few benefits of professionals like you taking the survey include:

  • Early access to customizable reports (June 2017)
  • Seeing how your responses compare to your peers in similarly situated associations
  • Receiving a unique best practices score that allows you to easily evaluate your performance and provides information to help improve your communications efforts
  • Receiving a $10 Amazon gift card

Now in its seventh year, the survey offers many new questions to reflect the ever-changing association communications landscape. Participating in the survey is important because as an association professional, your input does matter to the association community, and the results can help you strategically improve your association’s communications.

The benchmarking report can serve as a powerful tool and knowledge base for enhancing your communications strategies, which should help your ongoing efforts in building increased member engagement. The opportunity awaits, but you must take the first step – click here to begin.


About The Author

Brianna Martin is a marketing specialist with Naylor Association Solutions.