15 Mobile Apps Every Event Organizer or Attendee Can Use

By Association Adviser staff • June 21, 2015

Mobile Apps at Events

Beth Ziesenis
Beth Ziesenis, “Your Nerdy Best Friend.”

Mobile apps play an important role in helping you prepare for the next conference or trade show you plan to organize or attend. To learn more, we spoke with Beth Ziesenis of Your Nerdy Best Friend about her recommendations for mobile apps that should be on every event planner or attendee’s radar. We’ve segmented her favorites into categories for easier browsing. Read on to find a handy guide.

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From note-taking to tracking expenses, discover 15 apps every event attendee can use. LilTweetablesSmall

#AssnProfs: Check out the latest mobile apps you can use when attending an event. LilTweetablesSmall

Bookmark these 15 apps before the next conference or trade show you plan to organize or attend. LilTweetablesSmall


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Each of the note-taking apps listed below make capturing and accessing your notes much easier than using the word processing program that already exists on your tablet or PC. By taking notes on your personal tablet or PC, you’re not able to access them from any device at any time as you are able to do with the following apps:

  • Evernote—Although there are several note-taking apps, Evernote is generally regarded as the best known and most downloaded of them all. With Evernote, you have the ability to take notes on your phone, tablet or laptop and email the notes to yourself and/or colleagues. Plus, you can access all of your notes and ideas from anywhere.
  • Microsoft OneNote—Like Evernote, this app allows you to capture thoughts, ideas and more all from your phone, tablet or laptop. Microsoft OneNote also offers features such as clipping any Web page, sending an email of your notes and snapping photos of documents.
  • Twitter—Most event attendees will tweet their favorite points about a presentation and include the event hashtag. By doing so, Twitter serves as a catalog of points you want to refer to while at the same time sharing them with others. At the end of the event, you can reference those key points you tweeted at any time.


  • Expensify—Traveling to an event or conference and trying to keep up with receipts and mileage can be a real pain.. Expensify makes it easy to organize all of your travel expenses in one place allowing you to snap a picture of your receipt and create expense reports upon arriving back to the office.
  • Concur—Similar to Expensify, this app helps you keep track of your expenses on the go. You are able to manage and track business travel, including booking airfare and hotels, manage flight and car itineraries, approve travel requests, and change/cancel reservations.
  • Scannable—This Evernote product allows you to capture high-quality scans anywhere at any time. Scan, save and share everything from documents to business cards all within one location. This provides you with easy access to everything you’ve collected from the conference or trade show you recently attended.
  • TripIt—Make your trip less stressful with an app that keeps your travel plans and documents organized in one place. TripIt provides real-time alerts plus the ability to snag the best plane seat, get fare refunds and find alternate flights.


  • Skitch—A product of Evernote, this app allows you to snap a photo, mark it with shapes, arrows and quick sketches, and send it instantly. Skitch is a great app to share your visual ideas with others at an event or with colleagues back at your office.
  • Instagram—This popular social media app makes it easy to capture and share important moments at conferences and trade shows. Tag your event host and use the event hashtags to ensure that everyone in the industry can experience the event through your eyes.
  • CanvaThis app allows you to design incredible graphics in minutes. (Even if you’re not graphic design savvy!) Create a social media post for the event or use it to prepare for your presentation.


  • Google Docs—With one tap, you can create or open documents, simultaneously edit with others, never worry about losing your work, and protect your documents. This app can be accessed from any device at any time, even without an Internet connection.
  • Wunderlist—This app makes it easy for you to create and share lists of to-dos, ideas and more as well as collaborate with others. Capture your ideas and things to do all within this great list-making app. Wunderlist helps you never miss a date by letting you set reminders to ensure you never forget important upcoming deadlines.
  • Cozi—While attending a conference or trade show, how do you keep up with your family? While on the go, Cozi allows you to manage the family schedule, grocery lists, to-dos, and calendar from wherever you are, even when you’re offline.
  • LastPass—When attending an event, security is extremely important. With LastPass, you can store all of your logins, create new profiles, generate strong passwords, and keep track of personal information, all safely within one app that you can access from any computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Discoverly—When you meet someone new, you can learn more about your new connection with Discoverly. Access your new connection’s social media information through Gmail, see mutual friends on Facebook, see work info on LinkedIn, and much more – all in one place.

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