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The ability to offer more customized advertising positions based on precise site visitor demographics creates new digital marketing opportunities for associations and advertisers

WASHINGTON – Trade and professional associations have mountains of valuable data about the niche audiences advertisers want to reach – their members. Utilizing the latest audience-targeting technology and Naylor’s historic ad sales success, Naylor Association Solutions has launched a programmatic advertising network that gives associations the ability to leverage and grow their digital audience data and access a new non-dues revenue stream through programmatic advertising sales on their websites, career centers and across the web.

Associations that participate in the Naylor programmatic network also will benefit from frequent access to their own programmatic reach via Naylor’s retargeting tools, which will provide a new way to extend and multiply their reach and level of member engagement.

Programmatic advertising is the use of automation in the buying and selling of online media. Through a specialized technology stack, site user characteristics are collected, allowing ads to be sold by individual impression and creating highly targeted advertiser campaigns.

“Programmatic advertising is an unrealized revenue source for most associations,” said Laura Taylor, vice president of digital operations and development for Naylor. “It is a widely used and effective target marketing tool for business-to-consumer (B2C) advertisers, and it is now becoming prevalent among business-to-business (B2B) advertisers.”

According to a report by Dun & Bradstreet and AdWeek BrandShare, almost 90 percent of B2B marketers are purchasing a portion of their online advertising programmatically in 2018.

Advertisers interested in reaching association members and industry influencers will have the opportunity to bid on impressions within Naylor’s ad network through open exchanges and private ad marketplaces. Advertisers can purchase guaranteed programmatic ad packages on associations’ digital properties and across the web through retargeting.

Naylor offers three distinct benefits for associations to drive non-dues revenue and member engagement through programmatic advertising and retargeting:

  1. By connecting an association’s ad inventory on their main website, magazine website or online career center to Naylor’s programmatic ad network,
  2. Through retargeting campaigns that connect advertisers with members and site visitors across the web after they leave an association’s site, and
  3. By allowing associations to use retargeting to market site visitors with distinct messages about membership benefits, events and other key activities, turning programmatic advertising into a membership engagement and growth tool.

Naylor’s programmatic network also provides significant added value to each of its solutions – especially for associations already benefiting from Naylor’s digital media, website or career center services. One of the biggest revenue opportunities involving programmatic advertising rests with associations’ online career centers.

“The online career center often ranks in the top three for page visits within an association’s website, but it’s usually underutilized when it comes to display advertising,” said Tom Aley, group vice president of Naylor’s SaaS Group. “The ability to offer more customized advertising positions based on precise site visitor demographics from an already highly trafficked section of an association’s website stands to benefit advertisers and job seekers alike, while earning the hosting association more revenue.”

Taylor added, “Regardless of your size or industry, Naylor has a team with the sales expertise and ability to handle full ad inventory management operations. This enables our associations to offer programmatic advertising quickly and with minimal staff time.”

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