Rasa.io partners with Naylor to offer Smart Newsletters

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In digital communications, value is measured by views and clicks. rasa.io’s content platform allows associations to further meet members’ information needs and increase their advertising revenue by offering individualized Smart Newsletter content at scale.

McLEAN, Va. – With businesses and individuals sending 246.5 billion emails per day, associations may be finding it difficult to reinforce the value of their email communications as a member benefit. Naylor Association Solutions is partnering with rasa.io, a leading artificial intelligence company, to improve the quality of association email newsletters, and increase member satisfaction and retention, without the need for additional staff effort.

rasa.io’s Smart Newsletter platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect relevant content from thousands of public sources and send individualized newsletters to each reader. rasa.io reduces the amount of time an association’s staff spends on newsletter creation, while increasing the amount of time members spend consuming those communications. rasa.io’s automated platform also allows associations to incorporate targeted advertising.

Naylor will offer rasa.io’s product to enhance two types of eBriefs: the member communication-based AI NewsBrief and the career-focused AI CareerBrief.

“Our associations serve up valuable industry information that, unfortunately, sometimes becomes lost in crowded inboxes. rasa.io will help Naylor add more value to our association clients’ member communications, leading to more members taking advantage of association resources,” said Naylor’s Vice President of Digital Operations and Development Laura Taylor. “We’re confident that this platform will result in tangible benefits for our associations in the form of improved membership engagement and satisfaction, and increased revenue for associations.”

In addition to enhancing overall member communication, AI-assisted newsletters and eBriefs increase engagement with association job boards by increasing traffic to them, as rasa.io technology serves up job recommendations specific to the individual. Naylor’s AI CareerBriefs will also incorporate career development content such as interview tips and industry forecasts, as well as current job listings, which will drive users to association’s online career centers.

“Many job board visitors are passive job seekers who might visit an association’s job board once a month or less because they’re not actively seeking a new position. These CareerBriefs will remind members that their association hosts career development materials online, which can help everyone sharpen their skills whether or not they’re actively seeking a new position,” Taylor explained. “The resulting lift in career center engagement gives employers and advertisers seeking industry talent more visibility, and benefits the association that earns money from their job board’s paid job listings and display ads,” she continued.

Over time, rasa.io learns a reader’s interests and preferences. The platform then delivers additional articles within the reader’s preferred subject areas, as well as content areas that may be of interest based on the interests of similar readers.

“We’ve seen open rates nearly double and click rates more than quadruple among a broad sampling of rasa.io powered Smart Newsletters. This increase in email engagement indicates that recipients recognize the added value our personalized content brings to their communications,” said rasa.io Executive Chairman Amith Nagarajan. “Our product enhances an organization’s insights into member interests and ensures the content they receive will be of value.”

Using engagement data, the rasa.io platform helps association staff dig into the topics of greatest interest to their members. Robust analytics offer valuable insights into members’ topical preferences and information consumption habits, which associations can use to guide programming and other content decisions.

“When it comes to digital member communication, one way we measure value is through views and clicks,” Taylor said. “Using rasa.io’s platform will deliver more value for readers, increase engagement, and result in more trust that associations are ready and able to meet members’ information needs.”

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