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Each year, Naylor recognizes its best client projects, and the team of people who produce them, as part of the Naylor President’s Excellence Awards. These projects are the culmination of much hard work by Naylor’s staff and its association partners, and they represent the quality of products and service Naylor prides itself on delivering.

There are five awards that recognize excellence in design, content and overall project success within print publications, online/digital media and face-to-face events. To qualify, the project(s) must:

  • Be held in the highest regard by the association client – having proven successful in helping it achieve its overall communication goals and objectives.
  • Serve as the best example of Naylor’s ability to execute, while maintaining the highest degree of quality.

The winning project teams referenced below came out on top after enduring a long and competitive sales cycle; creating thoughtful and effective marketing plans and contributing significant hours of hard work and dedication to achieving the associations’ goals. All represent the Naylor spirit of teamwork and commitment to the company’s core operating values.

National Publication of the Year

Car Wash Magazine

International Car Wash Association

International Car Wash Association Logo Car Wash Magazine









Group Publisher Jill Andreu
Project Manager Heather McMillen
Project Coordinators Cindy Samons
Sheila Roberts
Editor Julie Ahlgren
Marketing Lisa Palo
Designer Gordon Klassen
Book Leader Krys D’Antonio
Sales Representatives Jason Ruppert
Chris Chiccarello
Jason Zawada

State or Regional Publication of the Year

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association magazine and membership roster

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association LOGA Industry Report cover









Group Publisher Drew Jasinski
Project Manager Beth Sheahan
Project Coordinators Cindy Samons 
Sheila Roberts
Editor Leslee Masters
Designers Sharon Lynne (magazineDan Proudley (roster)
Marketing Kaydee Currie
NaylorNet Project Manager Laura Taylor
NaylorNet Project Specialist Melinda Runkle
Project Leader Marcus Weston
Sales Representatives Matt Yates
Anthony Land

Joseph Watkins

Jessica Semonin
Dan Gardner
Leron Owens
Nathan Burgman

 Directory/Roster of the Year

Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors Membership Directory

Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors

Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors logo CAODC 2013-2014 Rig Inventory and Directory cover






Publisher Bob Phillips
Group Publisher Bill McDougall
Editor Andrea Nemeth
Designer Syed Abbas
Marketing Katie Doerksen
Project Coordinators Barb Olson 
Alicia Casos
Book Leader Brian Hoover
Sales Representatives Bill Biber
Candace Bremner
Erin Pande
Maria Antonation
Meaghen Foden
Trevor Perrault
Wayne Jury

Online Project of the Year

Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association Suppliers’ Resource Guide

Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association logoPRSM Supplier Resource Guide screenshot





Group Publisher David Evans
Project Manager Ray Goodwin
Editor Michael Senecal
Designer Sharon Lynne
Marketing Kaydee Currie
Project Coordinators Monique Morey 
Michelle Adelman
NaylorNet Project Manager Laura Taylor
NaylorNet Project Administrator Tracy Venzen
Book Leader Paul Woods
Sales Representatives Erik Henson
John O’Neil
Nicole Hudson
Amanda Blanchard
Chris Zabel

Event of the Year

PaperCon 2013 (TAPPI)

TAPPI logo


TAPPI PaperCon 2013





Group Publisher Pamela Blasetti
Project Manager John Bacon
Editor Michael Senecal
Client Services Yoshika Lin
Marketing Brianna Martin
Lead Sales Shane Holt
Sales Representatives John O’Neil
Jason Ruppert
Shaun Greyling
Nick Manis
Matt Yates
Rob Shafer
Lou Brandow
Jason Zawada
Rick Sauers, posthumously

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for the great work. Naylor is moving forward in many positive ways, and we look forward to a successful 2014.