Podcast: The Leading Edge of Change

By Association Adviser staff • March 25, 2019

Sharon Newport, DELP, Door Safety & Security Professionals
Sharon Newport, Door Security & Safety Foundation

We’re happy to welcome back Sharon Newport, executive director for the Door Security & Safety Foundation and director of operations for the Door and Hardware Institute for Episode 14 of The Association Adviser Podcast!

Sharon continues our conversation about association leadership and how great leaders are nurtured within organizations that make leadership training and knowledge transfer part of their organizational culture. “Leading” associations are firmly grounded in their mission, and while they might adopt some of the latest leadership or staff development trends – they stay firmly grounded in their WHY so they don’t lose sight of the leadership or succession goals they’re striving for.

We talk about transferring leadership and organizational knowledge across roles and generations, why it’s important that leaders accept failure, and the difference between mentorship and sponsorship. We’re so glad Sharon could make time to share what she’s learning about leadership with us!

Check out the Door Security & Safety Foundation at dhi.org. 

Thanks to Naylor Association Solutions for sponsoring this episode.