Podcast: How the Fisheries Council of Canada is Building and Sustaining Future Association Leaders

By Association Adviser staff • June 15, 2020

In the commodity business, people tend to think “If I supply it, someone will buy it.” But the world is changing, and interacting with all parties involved in a supply chain can supply valuable knowledge for industry professionals working to create and sustain a profitable business model. That’s why the Fisheries Council of Canada, led by president Paul Lansbergen, CAE, created the Future Leaders Canada program. Future Leaders Canada exposes participants to different parts of the fisheries supply chain that they would otherwise never see, and expands their personal network of industry individuals and companies.

We spoke with Paul and Future Leaders Canada graduate Denise Avery-Reinhoudt about the goals of the program, how they planned and implemented the inaugural program in 2019, and their plans for enriching the program further this year. The program is a testament to the power of associations to bring members from diverse roles within an industry together to deepen their knowledge about the way their industry works while helping members network on a more personal level.

Paul and Denise’s conversation will encourage any association staff trying to better their member engagement and education offerings.

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