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Celebrating Naylor’s Longest Employee: Jim Hare

By Association Adviser staff • May 6, 2019

Jim hare is Naylor's longest-serving employee
Jim Hare

Start Date: October 27, 1986 | Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

First Title: Plate Maker | Current Title: Network Support Specialist

Jim started at Naylor in 1986 as a plate maker in the printing department. His next job title was a stripper for Naylor, but it’s not what you think! In printing, a stripper’s job involves arranging and joining film negatives as part of the process to prepare printing plates. From printing, Jim moved on to the advertising department, customer support, and production support until he landed at his current position in IT.

“Every time I was ready for a change, Naylor was able to provide it to me,” said Jim, when asked why he’s worked in so many departments. Even when his commute changed from a short bike ride to 100 Sutherland Ave to driving more than an hour and a half when his wife was working a rural detachment for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police) for five years, Jim kept with Naylor.

His advice to newer employees – which is everyone in comparison to his time here – is to stick with it. According to Jim, there are a lot of nuances in the system to learn, and things can change during your time at Naylor, whether it’s the move from onshore to off-shore printing, or employees no longer allowed to smoke right at their desks, or even the new Macs being introduced to the company (roughly the early 90s). If you stick with it, who knows what you can achieve?