What Factors Affect Association CEO Salaries?

By Association Adviser staff • March 14, 2017

Association CEO Salary Changes 2012-2016

What is an association chief executive officer worth? The ASAE Foundation’s research brief Pathways to CEO Success highlighted the various experiences that guided association CEOs through their careers. Each route and experience offers value to the CEO’s performance, and each experience affects how a CEO is compensated.

But what can be said about the organizational factors that affect CEO compensation? Benchmarking data on salaries provide a great deal of insight into how association professionals are compensated in a given year. A new report from ASAE, CEO Salary Dynamics: Changes in Association Chief Executive Base Salaries from 2012 to 2016, sponsored by Naylor Association Solutions, looks at trends in association CEO base salaries between 2012 and 2016 with an eye on understanding the factors that may influence the greatest growth in CEO base salaries.

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