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Turnkey Event Management


Trade shows and events place great demands on an association’s resources because of the extended planning cycles and mountains of details. The most successful associations place their focus on meeting the needs of their membership and not getting bogged down with event management.

Naylor Event Solutions has extensive experience strengthening the events capabilities and generating more non-dues revenue for trade and professional associations in more than 110 industries. We function as an extension of your staff, providing services from strategic planning and attendee promotion to exhibit sales and onsite logistics that make your trade show or event as successful and profitable as possible. Your membership will experience a higher level of engagement and satisfaction at the event itself and your association the luxury of putting your resources where they are most valued.

Unlike traditional event management companies, we have the flexibility to tailor a relationship that fits your unique situation.

Naylor Event Solutions gives you the expertise and the resources to:

  • Manage your current trade show or conference
  • Deliver additional revenue and improved operations through co-ownership
  • Launch a new industry event with our help or we can do it on your behalf

Event Management Services include:

  • Site evaluation and selection
  • Develop, execute and analyze vendor requests for proposals
  • Negotiate facility leases, hotel contracts and service contractor agreements
  • Serve as a liaison with contractors and vendors
  • Design overall event floor plan
  • Recommend on-site decor and signage
  • On-site management of trade show floor

Exhibit Sales & Service

View our eBook, “5 Steps Toward Highly Profitable Events,” to learn how to increase exhibit sales and exhibitor ROI.

One essential metric of successful trade shows is exhibitor participation. Naylor helps your exhibit sales become more efficient and more effective, increasing exhibit revenue and exhibitor satisfaction all at once. Naylor delivers these services:

  • Broaden the scope of client events through vertical marketing
  • Implement exhibitor seniority and priority programs
  • Conduct market research
  • State-of-the-art database management
  • Maintain exhibitor financial records and collecting exhibitor payments
  • Process exhibitor acknowledgments, confirmations and invoices
  • Provide on-site management of the trade show floor
  • Post show exhibitor polling

Naylor has a proven history of increasing both exhibitor participation and total square footage sales. This is achieved through the development and implementation of marketing and sales campaigns, including enhanced exhibitor retention, maximized floor plan management and sponsorship sales. We excel at positioning client expositions as premier events within their industries.

View eBook: 5 Steps Toward Highly Profitable Events, to learn how to increase exhibit sales and exhibitor ROI

Audience Engagement

Engagement with trade show and event attendees begins with ensuring that they actually attend.

Naylor’s advertising team focuses on attracting qualified buyers and helping exhibitors optimize their trade show experience. We develop custom campaigns to increase domestic and international buyer attendance through targeted marketing and industry specific research. Our staff is available for expert advice and guidance for all our client advertising needs and requirements.

Once the trade show or event is underway, Naylor offers a wide range of options for engaging attendees including event-specific publications, mobile media, social media and video services. We can help you develop a communications strategy that enhances member satisfaction and increases non-dues revenue. Trade shows and events provide you with the perfect opportunity to reach your membership in the most meaningful way.

“NYSAFC’S eight-year partnership with Naylor has allowed our association to streamline event planning, marketing, and publishing ventures, which has strengthened communications with members, attendees, and exhibitors and boosted participation in our annual conference and expo.”


Gerald R. DeLuca
Executive Director & CEO
New York State Association of Fire Chiefs

Registration & Housing

A warm and efficient welcome sets the tone for your trade show or event.

Naylor provides attendees and exhibitors with a comprehensive VIP customer service program, which includes a registration and housing service that is personalized and efficient. We ensure association members and prospects are well-cared for throughout the process of planning and registering for your show. These key points of contact are essential for cultivating a positive view of your association and its event. Our experienced staff is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and quality control.

Naylor can coordinate the following services:


  • Online pre-registration
  • Financial processing and depositing
  • Customized statistical reporting
  • Badge credential distribution
  • Exhibitor complimentary form allotment
  • Temporary personnel coordination
  • On-site registration management
  • Show site self-registration and electronic Will Call
  • Lead management retrieval services


  • Hotel site selection and contract negotiations
  • Hotel inventory and optional sub-group management
  • Rooming list generation and management
  • Knowledgeable customer service support
  • On-site hotel liaison
  • Post-show inventory reporting and collection
  • Association commission/rebate collection and invoicing
  • Hotel master bill review

Marketing and Promotion

Tradeshows_CommToolsNaylor’s Association Marketing & Design (AMD) Group helps professional and business associations develop and strengthen their brands. We ensure success through a combination of strategic planning, smart creative development and seamless execution of marketing campaigns. We help your marketing team achieve greater membership growth and retention at a fraction of the cost charged by advertising agencies.

Our creative team designs communications with impact, including:

  • Ads
  • Booth Graphics
  • Brochures
  • Emails
  • Infographics
  • Landing Pages & Microsites
  • Logos
  • Flyers & Postcards
  • Sponsorship Materials

Our member communications team can also develop event-specific communication tools, such as:

  • Show Guides
  • Conference eShow Dailies
  • Mobile Conference Apps
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Appointment-Based Events

What is the ultimate result of a successful trade show? Buyers and suppliers find each other.

Naylor’s appointment-based exchange event service does away with booths, shipping, construction, high costs—and unqualified buyers! A typical exchange event pairs 50 to 75 top buyers from a single industry with an equal number of key suppliers for pre-scheduled 20-minute appointments. Our proprietary appointment-setting software matches buyers and suppliers with common needs and provides extensive company information to both parties prior to the event. This process of setting up highly focused one-on-one meetings offers your attendees a seamless, unparalleled ROI and frees your staff’s time to focus on building relationships in person. Keynote speakers and planned networking events round out the event schedule.

“This was a well-run program oriented to conducting business. Much better than any of the industry trade shows. The networking was fantastic.”

Builder Partnerships


Appointment-based events can be structured to complement your existing trade show, or can be separate functions hosted at a top-tier luxury destination. In both models, your suppliers pay a minimal fee for participation, while your members (buyers) are invited to attend the exchange at no cost. Only pre-qualified buyers and suppliers are invited to participate which means a much higher ROI for them and peace of mind for you.

The Perfect Match for Buyers and Suppliers


Tradeshows_AppointmentBasedProprietary appointment-setting software makes pairing the right suppliers with the right buyers seamless and hassle-free.

  • Powerful, personal networking takes place throughout the event.
  • Appointments are pre-qualified, pre-set and guaranteed.
  • Detailed buyer and supplier information is provided in advance of setting appointments.
  • Multiple formal and informal relationship-building opportunities are built into the event.
  • Strictly limited attendance means less competition and greater ROI for participating suppliers.
  • Powerful market intelligence-gathering for all participants.

Offering an exchange event is the perfect way to reinforce brand identity, create additional revenue streams and stay relevant in your industry.

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Get your association in sync. Call John Gallagher at 703-259-6128 to grow event revenue and exhibitor value.

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