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Naylor has more than four decades of experience in bringing proven solutions to associations and determining what makes leading associations highly successful. We’re forever diligent about understanding evolving needs, identifying industry trends and keeping an eye out for new tools to help our clients successfully navigate an ever-changing association marketplace.

Communications Gap Analysis

Stategy_CommGapAnalysisWorking with Naylor results in more effective communications. You benefit from our knowledgeable staff and our custom research, which reveals deeper insight into the professional wants and needs of your association members. Our staff works with yours to evaluate your current communications strategy and the competitive landscape you’re facing. Next, we develop an in-depth clarification of your association’s goals and objectives, followed by a comprehensive survey administered to internal association staff first, then to members and stakeholders. Your association develops a clear picture of its strengths as well as a roadmap for improvements to your mix of print, digital, video, mobile and social media communications, all of which contribute to greater membership value.




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Trade Show and Events Gap Analysis

Many associations rely on post-show evaluations of their major events. Naylor takes event assessments to the next level by conducting an in-depth gap analysis aimed not only at attendees, but exhibitors, sponsors and your staff as well.

Following the model we pioneered in the communications business, we analyze your events through the perspective of your staff, your members, your exhibitors and other audiences to determine how your goals for attendance and revenue match up with attendees’ and exhibitors’ expectations for interaction, education and overall experience. We compare these surveyed answers with the on-site experiences of those audiences and present you with a detailed event analysis, including a concrete set of tactics to help take your event to the next level.

Career Center Gap Analysis

Associations that host an online Career Center find that it is usually one of the three most frequently visited pages of their website.  A career center gap analysis helps an association align its goals for the career program with those of its members, non-members, employers and advertisers.  Armed with a deep understanding of its professional development audiences, an association can redefine the member engagement experience for its career center by developing strong content, increasing site visitors and improving employer ROI for job postings.

Revenue Generation

Naylor helps associations take a holistic approach to non-dues revenue generation. We are able to do so based on the unique vantage point we occupy as a provider of multi-faceted association solutions. Too often we see independent association communication or membership initiatives that could be significantly more effective if they were coordinated. Would you publish a magazine article about career development but not post that content in your career center? Would your association host a career development class but not mention it in your member magazine or your career center?

The associations that realize the largest and most exciting gains are those that open their entire suite of operations to a holistic, synergistic approach that mutually benefits each department. There is a natural interrelationship between the products and services associations offer its membership. Non-dues revenue is optimized when an association presents and promotes its offers in an integrated manner.

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