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Marketing Portal Updates

August 13, 2015 by Denny
• Contact page has been updated. Some materials in Download section are outdated. Please refrain from using them. I have asked access to the back end to replace them but IT is tied down completely with urgent requests.

eBlast Materials

Button Factory & Request Form

For instant button creation, please check this site: https://www.dabuttonfactory.com

For semi-custom button request, please download this form and send it to your designer: eBlast 2017 Button Request – Form


 Animated Graphic

Header Title/Theme Animated GIF
Last Chance, Time Running Out, Count Down
Special Offer



HTML Codes



Naylor Marketing Skype & Twitter

Please create an office-only skype & twitter account instead of using your personal account. Email Denny to add your contact info to this page.

Ben Rivard
Skype: brmarketing
Julius (Denny) Muljadi
Skype: jmnaylormarketing
Samantha Li
Skype: lijingsamantha
Sabine Borneman
Skype: sabine.borneman
Brianna Martin
Skype: brianna.martin28
Kaydee Currie
Skype: kaydee.currie
Twitter: @kaydee_currie
Nancy Taylor
Skype: ntnaylormarketing
Twitter: @NancyTaylor223
Kent Agramonte
Skype: kagramonte
Twitter: @KentNaylorMktg
Kevin Tran
Skype: kevinjosephtran
Skype: Skype: Skype:
Karim Hussain
Skype: khussain_11
Skype: Skype: Margaux Tomac
Skype: margaux.tomac


Download Naylor Logos

Right click the desired file type and save/download the file to your drive. EPS (vector file) is best for print.

New Naylor & Boxwood Logos: www.naylor.com/branding

Association Adviser: EPS, JPG


 Download Naylor/Boxwood Collaterals

Right click and save/download:

Power Point Presentation: Naylor-Blank-presentation.pptx

Naylor Gainesville Letterhead (Word doc): naylor_GVL letterhead

Naylor Atlanta Letterhead (Word doc): naylor_ATL letterhead

Naylor FairFax Letterhead (Word doc): naylor_FFX letterhead

Naylor Winnipeg Letterhead (Word doc): naylor_WPG letterhead

Boxwood Herndon Letterhead (Word doc): boxwood_Herndon letterhead

Boxwood Hunt Valley Letterhead (Word doc): boxwood_Hunt Valley letterhead

Naylor & Boxwood Business Cards InDesign files: businesscards.zip


 Download PDF Documents

New Project Creative Brief Word doc template: Creative Brief Word Doc

Print Order Request Form: Print Order Request Form.pdf

Mark PDF like an Editor: Marketing_MarkingPdf

How to create a proper QR code that is useable to designers: qr_code_generation

Designer’s Turnaround Time Guideline: Marketing_TurnaroundTime

MAS Standard MK Checklist: Marketing_StandardMKChecklist

How to Downgrade 1.6 PDF to 1.4 version: Marketing_DowngradePDFversionPC

Aequor Designer Marketing Workflow Guidelines: Marketing_WorkflowGuidelinesAequor


Download Naylor Fonts

Right click and save/download. Be sure to unzip the file before importing it to your Font collections:

New Naylor Header (Web/Print): Avenir

Naylor Body (Print Only): Avenir Next Condensed

Naylor Body (Web Only): Helvetica Neue

Others: Garamond ProGothamMyriad Pro

Marketing Toolbox

Create QR code (Vector)

What The Font
Seen a font in use and want to know what it is?
Submit an image to WhatTheFont to find the closest matches in their database.

Brands of the World
Download vector version of famous brand names/logos (Coca cola, Apple, GE, etc.).

Reduce the size of your PDF online
Use this tool when posting files larger than 2.5 MB.

Free Stock Photo Sites

Please let us know if you find other free stock photo sites (5,000+ images) that would allow commercial usage.


http://www.sxc.hu Notes under the image what restrictions apply -if “standard” then don’t have to credit.




http://www.stockvault.net Notes under the image what restrictions apply -if “standard” then don’t have to credit.



http://www.bigfoto.com Have to give credit.

http://www.pexels.com Check License, some are free for commercial use & no attribution required.


 Premium Photostock Sites

We have accounts with the following stock photo sites. You will need to ask Ben to download the images for you. Please include the direct image download url in your request.


http://thenounproject.com Tamara has account with this site. Great to find infographic icons.