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Standard Specs:

  • Note: Flash SWF file types may not populate on Mobile devices. Web browsers may no longer support Flash
  • Advertiser supplies or Naylor create unless otherwise noted below
  • Creative accepted: JPG / GIF / SWF* (Some ad sizes DO NOT accept Flash. See exclusions below)
  • If supplying Third Party Tags, we only accept Javascript Tags (see below for exclusions) with complete Image Pathname and complete URL destination. Double check the URL destination to make sure it works
  • Movie files are NOT accepted. No MP4, AVI, MOV…etc (See exclusions below).
  • Max file size 100KB
  • File must created/saved in RGB color mode. (Most digital graphics and photos are already in RGB mode; check this by viewing the file properties.)
  • File must be a minimum 72 dpi
  • Animation must be no longer than 25 seconds (this includes multiple loops).
  • Animation should stop on the last frame OR a stop action will be applied. No continuous loops
  • If supplying SWF*, ALL Flash files must follow the Flash Specifications below for proper reporting
  • Font size should be a minimum of 10pts for legibility purposes depending on the font family

Standard OBG Ad Sizes: 
Click the ad sizes below to view and download the sample.

Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels)

Large Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels)

Featured Company Ad (Logo & Text)

  • Naylor will create
  • Advertiser will supply the logo
  • Creative accepted for the logo: JPG Only and high quality format.
  • Photo images are prohibited.
  • Summary Content Text: Advertiser supplies 30-40 words description of the company in a text document. (No formatting.)
  • Third Party Tags: Not accepted. However URL click trackers are acceptable.

Page Peel (two files)




  • 2 files required, small Teaser Peel and the large Ad Peel
  • Keep all important images and text upper right hand corner
  • Shape, Texture or colour can be continuous in the background
  • Lower left area is the Peel Effect that our system will create
  • Do not put important text or graphics in the lower left corner
  • Small teaser peel : 75 x 75 pixels
  • Large peel ad: 500 x 500 pixels
  • Creative accepted: JPG only (no animation)
  • Third Party Tags: Not accepted. However URL click trackers are acceptable
  • Page Peel is a flash generated script and will not show on mobile devices

Premier Listing Specs:

  • Company description is supplied by the client by a text document
  • Naylor will format text
  • Fonts will remain plain but bold, italics and underline will be allowed
  • No hyperlinks allowed
  • All text remains black. Coloured text will not be allowed
  • Logo is standard on all Premier Listing types. Client must be supply a high quality logo (72 dpi or better)
  • Don’t have a logo? Check with your Naylor Sales Representative for logo creation services
  • Premier has three graphic components, please see instructions and specs below

  • Supplied by client
  • Creative accepted: JPG Only
  • Logo must be clear and high quality (72dpi or better)
  • Max file size 100KB.
  • Third Party Tags: Not accepted
  • Logo creation services available at an additional cost

Product Picture (240 x 240 pixels)

  • Naylor will create or Advertiser/Agency supplies
  • Creative accepted: JPG (static), GIF (animation)
  • SWF/Flash files are not accepted
  • Advertiser supplies images of their product(s). Not to be confused with an online banner. NO TEXT or contact information allowed
  • Third Party Tags: Not accepted. However URL click trackers are acceptable
  • Product Picture description (500 character limit) is supplied by the client by a text document
  • No text formating allowed

Video (400 x 300 pixels)
(Upgrade at an additional cost)

  • This is optional and an additional cost. Please check with your Naylor Sales rep for more details.
  • Creative Accepted: MP4, MOV and  AVI (all movie formats accepted as long as they can be converted to Flash Video Files)
  • Movie duration: up to 5 minutes in length
  • Max file size 50MB
  • VALID customer supplied Youtube URL Links are accepted and can be streamed through Naylor’s video player


Other Sizes

Product Showcase (175 x 120 pixels)

  • NAYLOR will Create
  • Logos and contact information are prohibited
  • No animation
  • Product Image: Advertiser supplies high quality image
  • Summary Text: Advertiser supplies up to 4 words maximum (Depends on length of words) in a text document, NAYLOR will typeset
  • Third Party Tags: Not accepted. However URL click trackers are acceptable.

Medium Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels)

Spotlight Tile Ad (125 x 125 pixels)

Vertical Banner (120 x 240 pixels)

Horizontal Banner (468 x 60 pixels)

Micro Banner (120 x 90 pixels)

300:100 Banner (300 x 100 pixels)

Mobile banner ads (320 x 50 pixels)

Mobile App Ads

*Please note: Email addresses cannot be used as a URL/Web link.

Flash ActionScript 3.0 Specifications – Online Buyers’ Guide


  • Download the Flash button file and follow the instructions exactly (see instructions below)
  • We do not accept non-Adobe product SWF files generated from third party flash animation generators (For example, Swish).
  • SWF file must be accompanied with the Adobe FLA working and supporting files.
  • Fonts need to be embedded within the animation.
  • Bitmaps/images should have “smoothing enabled” for best render quality.
  • Avoid transparency issues with web pages by creating a bottom layer and draw a solid filled box. Do not use Flash default stage color.
  • Infinite loop is not allowed. Stop action is mandatory after 25 seconds and must land on the last frame with information on it (no blank screens).

Flash ActionScript 3.0 Button Instructions:




  • Remove local button actions in your working FLA file
  • Download the button file above and open the “AS3_NNBTN.fla” button file
  • In the Timeline Panel, select and highlight both ActionScript layer and Button layer
  • Right click on your mouse and copy both layers
  • Open your working FLA file and lock all the layers
  • Paste both the ActionScript and Button layers on top so both are primary layers
  • Select the invisible button on the Stage, then resize the invisible button to cover the size of the ad
  • Make sure the Button and ActionScript are constant throughout ad by adding frames in the Timeline.
  • DO NOT edit the button other then resizing it. DO NOT edit the action script or add any URLs.
  • Publish as ActionScript 3.0, Flash Player 10 or higher


For digital magazine flash ad specifications, please click here.


If you have questions or encounter problems that can’t be answered by this site, please call us at (800) 665-2456 and ask for one of our digital services representatives who will be happy to help you.