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Achieve more with your association’s virtual events and educational content

Naylor Learning Solutions, powered by Blue Sky eLearn, is changing the future of online learning by offering better ways of capturing, managing and monetizing educational and video content. From simple video libraries to fully managed webinars, Naylor provides your association with increased revenue and ensures your educational content reaches a larger audience.


Our award winning  Path learning platform and in depth suite of virtual event services offer a full range of learning solutions to suit the needs of your association’s online learning program. We can help you achieve more by:

  • Educating and engaging your audience with our fully managed webinars
  • Expanding your reach through webcasts and hybrid meetings
  • Extending the life of your content with our conference and presentation capture services
  • Deliver content to a global audience with our Path™ suite of products


Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage the value of one-time events by offering your members on-demand access to your association’s educational and other video content . . . without them ever having to leave your website.

Maximize Your Message with Path™ LMS

Path Learning Management system components

The Path™ Learning Management System is a cloud-based approach to educational content management and designed specifically for lecture-based learning applications.


Optimized to deliver media content from educational events, Path™ allows you to manage all of your content, such as conference recordings, recorded lectures from live and virtual meetings, as well as traditional  presentations, in an easy-to-use, rapidly deployed, digital library that enhances learning for worldwide audiences.

Watch a video about the Path Learning Platform
Watch a video about the Path™ Learning Platform


Our Path™ suite of products delivers online courses and content any time, anywhere.


Path Video GO

Path Event Pro


Orange check markA custom-branded video channel with real-time responsive design for proper display and fast playback on any device.

Orange check markAn LMS developed for event organizers seeking a state-of-the-art platform to sell conference recordings and previously-recorded webinars.

Orange check markA full-featured learning management system with all the PRO features plus more.

Orange check markDisplay relevant advertising alongside your video content to drive additional revenue for your association.

Orange check markFully-customizable library for delivering content to a defined audience.

Orange check markKey components include:

  • Testing
  • Certificates
  • eCommerce
  • Surveys
  • Evaluations
  • Instructor-led assignments



Leverage your content!


Naylor Learning Solutions provides a full range of learning technologies that include a proprietary learning management system and a complete set of event services.


We help organizations capture educational content from either live or virtual settings, then manage and deliver that content to a global audience through our learning platform.





Managed Webinars

Educate and Engage with Virtual Meetings & Training


Engage your audiences with high-impact, interactive webinars and online training with video, sophisticated polling and tracking. Fully integrated with the Path™ platform, our webinar services allow you to connect and engage your audience, anytime, anywhere.


Our complete virtual event solution. We handle it all, from project management, scheduling, presenter training, live event facilitation, customer and technical support, archives and reporting.


Leverage the value of your webinars

Offering industry associates the opportunity to sponsor webinars can decrease or eliminate your webinar production expenses. Naylor can customize a sponsorship to meet everyone’s needs.


A webinar sponsor strategy can include content generated by the association, Naylor or a sponsor. Like the association, Naylor is focused on providing valuable content and will establish expectations and guidelines for the responsibilities of each party to ensure content is relevant and educational to your audience.


Naylor will provide webinar and marketing best practices around benefits sponsors may receive as part of their sponsorship.










Webcasts and Hybrid Meetings

Extend Your Reach and Impact


Broadcast from a live event, annual conference, meeting, a studio or an office and enable real-time remote audience member interaction and discussion through the use of in-console live chat functionality. Capture video utilizing our production crew or your own high-quality webcam and broadcast to remote viewing locations, strengthening knowledge transfer for your remote attendees.


With Naylor Learning Solutions managing all of your technical needs, your time is freed up to focus on your content and message.


Our live streaming technology and expertise allows organizations to reach a worldwide audience.





Onsite Event Capture

Extend the Life of Your Message


Whether your organization is holding a large annual conference with dozens of simultaneous tracks or a small local training session,  Naylor Learning Solutions can help extend the life of your organization’s  message and make it available to those not able to attend.


Our onsite event capture services turn your on-site training events into online content, which can be delivered live or on-demand. Whether presenting on the current trends impacting your industry or creating detailed training videos for your association, we help make your event simple and successful with an expert team of video and audio production specialists.


Our videographers and technicians can assist with lighting, backdrops, teleprompters and other gear as necessary for a quality capture. Naylor Learning Solutions also uses various studios on a regular basis and can coordinate recording sessions for clients that desire a high quality setting. There are no limits on our delivery methods. Content can be mastered online, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or flash drives for distribution and can be translated to various languages or include closed captioning to assist toward Regulation 508 compliance for participants with hearing disabilities.


Learning Management Solutions Case Studies & Additional Resources

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