Digital Editions


Your existing print publication is a valuable image piece. By converting it into an interactive format you can further build image for your association, offer a new benefit to members and drive non-dues revenue. Even if you don’t have a tablet yet, chances are a fair number of your members do. Provide them with choices for how to receive your communications to ensure continued engagement.

Digital versions of your printed publications:

  • Offer your members the convenience of mobile information.
  • Increase online engagement with your information through interactive features such as keyword searches and social media sharing.
  • Increase pass-along readership and website traffic—good for your membership value and your bottom line.
  • Allow precise tracking and reporting regarding how readers respond to content and ads.


Print 2.0
Your existing print publication is a valuable image piece for your association. Take it to the next level by converting it to a digital format with NaylorNet’s digital edition technology.

Enhanced Experience
Readers enjoy a richer experience through interactive product features.

Contents Menu
Readers can search an interactive contents menu to find articles of interest.

Users can search for keywords throughout one edition, or throughout every digital edition of the publication, for instant access to specialized information.

Browse Archives
Readers can search for specific topics or simply page through past issues in the digital edition’s archive.

Readers can forward articles of interest to friends and colleagues through email or social media. Your association can share a digital edition via website, eNewsletter, social media or email.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Naylor.

With NaylorNet, you will benefit from the latest tools and technology, increased non-dues revenue and a team of association communication professionals that appreciate your members as much as you do.

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