Incorporating Text Polling at Your Next Live Event

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Dana Plotke

Dana Plotke, Naylor

By Dana Plotke

There has been so much talk about Big Data and analytics lately, but sometimes you just need to ask your audience or target market a quick question that can be easily answered and shared in real-time. While real-time audience surveys have been around for a while, text polling is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to take the pulse of your members or attendees.

As this video explains, high-performing organizations are always looking for ways to incorporate technology for the sake of evolution and better execution. Text polling could be one such technology that makes sense for helping you grow engagement at your events.

  • Associations have an opportunity to take their events to the next level by enabling the use of text polling technology for presenters and audience members.
  • Text polling is an inexpensive and easy tool for presenters to use before, during and after a talk. It can also help you gauge potential feedback for larger research initiatives.
  • Make sure you think about potential signal issues or accessibility issues inside your event venue. There’s nothing worse than getting your audience excited to take your poll and then find out your venue does not accommodate wireless.

If you think you’re seeing associations use more texting you’re not alone. According to our recent unscientific reader poll, more than half (54 percent) of Association Adviser eNews followers say they are either already texting or planning to text members within the next 12 months. Real-time polling is one of the reasons why.

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