Print (PDF) Submission

With the wide adoption of PDF format for document sharing, there have been many resources made available for their creation. While this has made it easy for businesses to exchange information, it has caused many problems within the printing industry. This is why we have a very strict set of rules for creating a press-ready PDF.

You will require two main components to create a press-ready PDF: A copy of Adobe Acrobat Distiller and an Adobe PS printer driver. Please do not use the Adobe PDF Writer to create your PDF. This will produce a low resolution version of your ad and will cause our production department to request a high resolution version.

We have made a screenshot guide for the settings you should use for Adobe Acrobat Distiller:

Online Ad Submission

1. Programs

Naylor’s production department will accept Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and QuarkXPress files. It is also acceptable to send files that originated in another format and have been exported or saved as a .tif, .jpg, .eps, or .bmp.

2. Fonts

Please submit all the fonts used in the creation of the ad. Most draw programs such as Illustrator allow you to convert text to Points, Paths or Outlines, which allow you to forgo submitting fonts, but make for a larger file. If you’re using Post Script fonts, please supply both printer and screen versions of the font.

3. Pictures and Logos

All pictures – whether color or black and white – and any black and white logos should be sent to us at 300 DPI at close to 100% of the size you require. All line art (art that has a solid edge and no shades of any color or grays), should be sent to Naylor at 600 DPI at close to 100% of the print size you require. Pictures or logos being sent for use in online ads are acceptable at lower resolutions – 75 dpi at close to 100% of the size required.

4. Transmittal

You have the option of either using our Web-based Ad Upload utility or saving your ad to a disk and mailing it to us.

If you are going to submit your ad through our Ad Upload Web utility, we ask that you compress all files together (including art, fonts, etc.). Naylor’s production department can handle all methods of compression. If you should decide to use regular mail, send it to the address provided to you by your sales representative.