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Standard Magazine Size
Book Trim Size: 8.375″ x 10.875″ / 50p3 x 65p3

DPS bleed 102p x 66p9 17 x 11.125
DPS 92p6 x 57p 15.417 x 9.5
FP bleed 51p9 x 66p9 8.625 x 11.125
FP 42p x 57p 7 x 9.5
2/3 horizontal 42p x 38p 7 x 6.333
2/3 vertical 27p6 x 57p 4.583 x 9.5
1/2 horizontal 42p x 27p6 7 x 4.583
1/2 vertical 27p6 x 42p 4.583 x 7
1/2 long vertical 20p x 57p 3.333 x 9.5
1/3 horizontal 42p x 18p 7 x 3
1/3 vertical 13p x 57p 2.166 x 9.5
1/3 square 27p6 x 27p6 4.583 x 4.583
1/4 horizontal 27p6 x 20p 4.583 x 3.333
1/4 vertical 20p x 27p6 3.333 x 4.583
1/4 banner 42p x 13p 7 x 2.166
1/6 horizontal 27p6 x 13p 4.583 x 2.166
1/6 vertical 13p x 27p6 2.166 x 4.583
1/6 banner*** 42p x 8p6 7 x 1.416
1/8 horizontal 20p x 13p 3.333 x 2.166
1/8 vertical 13p x 20p 2.166 x 3.333
1/12 horizontal* 13p x 12p6 2.166 x 2.083
1/16 banner 13p x 9p6 2.166 x 1.583
Classified logo** 3p x 8p
4p x 4p
8p x 3p
.5 x 1.333
.666 x .666
1.333 x .5


Roster Directory Size
Book Trim Size: 5.75″ x 8.5″ / 34p6 x 51p

DPS bleed 70p6 x 52p6 11.75 x 8.75
DPS 64p6 x 45 10.75 x 7.5
FP bleed 36p x 52p6 6 x 8.75
FP 30p x 45p 5 x 7.5
2/3 horizontal 30p x 29p6 5 x 4.916
1/2 horizontal 30p x 22p 5 x 3.666
1/2 vertical 14p x 45p 2.33 x 7.5
1/3 horizontal 30p x 14p 5 x 2.333
1/3 vertical 14p x 29p6 2.33 x 4.916
1/4 horizontal 30p x 10p 5 x 1.666
1/4 vertical 14p x 22p 2.333 x 3.666
1/6 horizontal 14p x 14p 2.333 x 2.333
1/8 horizontal 14p x 10p 2.333 x 1.666
1/10 banner 14p x 6p 2.333 x 1
* only for some books/upgraded classified/listing

Color and Greyscale Art (Photographs)

All scanned artwork must be scanned between 300 to 600 Dots Per Inch (DPI). The images should not be scaled beyond 75% and 125% of the image’s original size.

Example of Scanning Resolutions

Example of 72 dpi vs. 300 dpi resolutions


When an image is scanned at a low resolution, the pixels are larger and must represent larger pieces of the original, resulting in less picture detail, less color information, and an obvious degradation in the quality of reproduction. On the other hand, scanning at too high a resolution will be counterproductive; the file size of the scanned image will be unnecessarily large, causing longer process time at the RIP, with no gain in the quality of the printed halftone.

All work should be in the CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black) mode, as this is the mode required for the printing process. If an RGB (Red/Green/Blue) file is submitted, it must be converted to CMYK. When the conversion takes place, color shifts can occur. Naylor will do our best to reproduce as close of a match to your printed output as possible.


Line Art (Black and White Logos, Type)

All line art should be scanned at 600 dpi for the best quality output. Otherwise, you risk a “jaggy” appearance in the printed image.

Line Art 300 dpi vs. 600 dpi

 Digital Artwork

  • All digital Greyscale and Color art should be at 300 DPI.
  • The following digital file types will be accepted: PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, TIFF, High Resolution JPEG.
  • Vector artwork (i.e. Illustrator, pdf, etc) should be saved in an EPS format with fonts and images embedded, or all images and fonts must be supplied.
  • All screen and printer fonts must be provided.
  • We will substitute with similar fonts if originals are not submitted.
  • Text can be converted to outlines, but if proofing errors are discovered, new art may need to be submitted.

Images from the web are not suitable for printing.


Printing Specifications


These specifications are to be used in conjunction with your chosen ad size.

  • Ink density of 280-300 dpi
  • Output resolution of 2032 dpi at 150 lpi
  • Full Page Bleed, Trim and Live Area (Full Page Ad, Full Size Book)
  • Bleed Size – 51p9 x 66p9 (8 5/8″ x 11 1/8″)
  • Trim Size – 50p3 x 66p3 (8 3/8 ” x 10 7/8″)
  • Live Area – 42p x 58p (Live area will vary with the amount you need to print).

Please be wary of the binding type and page location that you have selected for your ad.

Unless otherwise stated, all outserts/inserts are created on 80 lb coated stock. Exceptions to this are Heavy Stock inserts (100 lb cover stock), Flysheets (70 lb off set stock), Postcards (8pt cover stock), and Bookmarks (Hyson cover stock).

Standard Outsert*


Heavy Card Insert*



Specifications dependent on publication size. Please contact your Naylor representative for the correct template.







Standard size is 6″ x 4.25″. Other sizes available. Must be smaller than the publication size.


Reply Card

Download US postal service template here.

*All outserts must be created at an equal or smaller size than the publication to be included in the polybag. Contact your Naylor representative to confirm publication size. Folding service is available at additional charge.